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Old and new conservatories can benefit from conservatory roof insulation improvements and so the Leka system answers the needs that provide better conservatory roof insulation with the visual aspect to match.

Engineered through Innovation

The Leka, warm roof conservatory system has been engineered through innovation, technical design and years’ of practical experience to create probably the best conservatory roof system available.

With thousands of happy homeowners in Wigan enjoying the benefits of their Leka roof, this is a proven roofing system that is widely recommended in the trade. It can replace the roof on most existing conservatory builds including most glass, fibreglass and polycarbonate roofing systems, all without the need for additional bracing.

Below you will find a detailed system breakdown to help you how the only conservatory warm roof system of its kind in the world can transform your existing conservatory or enhance your proposed new conservatory project.
The conservatory warm roof market is diverse and there are various options available to you. However, the Leka system is direct in its approach, providing only the best in materials following extensive tests. Every element of a Leka roof is engineered to perfection to create a roof that lasts. That is why Leka supplied components carry a 40-year warranty. Please read the information provided below and contact us for more details if you do have any further questions regarding this warranty. Note: certain products within the Leka roof system are not supplied directly from Leka and are not included within the 40-year product warranty.

How to build a warm roof conservatory

If you want a tiled, insulated roof in Wigan, you must specify a lightweight roofing system to ensure no remedial work is required to the conservatory base and frames in many cases. Your installation company should always check and ensure your windows/doors/glass is sufficient to take the weight of a new conservatory warm roof.

Standard, tiled roofs are too heavy for conservatories, so a lightweight system like the Leka Roof is essential. The Leka Roof replaces roofs made from glass or polycarbonate, and it can be installed as the original roof on new builds.

The Leka system is designed and built to order by independent approved Leka installers (please ask your installers to ensure they have been trained on the Leka System), ensuring we have ultimate control over the quality of hardware and system design.

The Leka roof is built in layers, starting with a GRP frame. Installers then fix internal Leka boards or standard plasterboards to the frame. Leka boards have long-lasting qualities, however, 12.5mm foiled backed plasterboard is also sufficient in achieving correct energy values.

Insulation sheets (PIR sheets or EPS polystyrene) are then installed, followed by load-bearing outer sheets made from high-grade plastic and XPS foam.

The last step is tiling the roof; the Leka Roof uses engineered tiles that mimic concrete or slate and are around half the weight of the natural alternative. Although these are physically different, they are very realistic and provide as close a match as possible to the real thing.

So Let’s Get Started

The Leka roof has been successfully installed on hundreds of conservatories. It is used to upgrade existing roofing systems for aesthetics and performance. We invite you to view some of our recent case studies to adjudge the appearance of the Leka roof for yourself.

What is a warm roof conservatory?

A warm roof conservatory is a conservatory with a solid, insulated roof. The solid, insulated structure significantly reduces heat loss through the roof in comparison to fibreglass, polycarbonate and even energy rated glazing. Warm conservatory roofs are tiled with metal or plastic tiles, most often to match the tiles on the house.

Do you need planning permission for a warm roof conservatory?

The simple answer is usually no. Upgrading to a solid conservatory roof doesn’t usually require planning permission because it falls under permitted development, however, you should always check with your local council. You do, however, still need Building Regulations approval, and the Leka Roof is MFA certified, so it complies with building regulations by design).

Does a tiled roof make a conservatory warmer?

Tiled conservatory roofs offer better insulative qualities than common fibreglass, traditional build, glass, and polycarbonate roofing systems, helping trap warm air to keep the space warm for longer. The Leka roof is fully insulated with PIR sheets or EPS polystyrene with additional products that also enhance thermal efficiency further.

How to make a conservatory roof warmer?

The best way to make a conservatory roof warmer is to replace it with a solid, insulated roof, significantly reducing heat loss. Other methods include insulated roof blinds and insulating window films; however, these methods are less effective and won’t provide a great deal of heat retention in the winter.

Does a glass roof make a conservatory warmer?

Glass conservatory roofs are warmer than fibreglass and polycarbonate roofing systems, but they are not as warm as solid roofs like the Leka Roof. The main issue with glass roofs is their transparency. In summer, glass amplifies and traps heat like a greenhouse, and in the winter, glass offers no protection from glare or heat loss.

Why do Wigan companies choose NextGen?

NextGen are based in Walton, Liverpool and service throughout Wigan, Birkenhead, Ellsemere Port, Widnes, & Wrexham, among many others. We are your local warm roof specialists, with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

If you’d like to discuss your warm roof options with one of our professionals, or have any questions, please get in touch with us today!