Leka Systems Carport & Canopy

The Leka Carport & Canopy provides a durable, lightweight and rapid construction alternative over more traditional carport systems.

Typically installed on an existing load-bearing surface or concrete pads the Leka Carport & Canopy saves time, mess and stress when considering a new build carport system. The Leka Carport & Canopy is installed in days……not weeks. No thermal bridging or moisture absorption due to our GRP lightweight, structurally sound framework. Highly engineered, pre-fabricated modular sections, creating comfort that every part of the Carport & Canopy has been factory tested before delivery.

Leka Carport & Canopy Benefits

    • Installed in days, not weeks
    • Save on excavation work, so less mess
    • Cost-effective
    • Precision engineered, pre-fabricated modular sections
    • No maintenance

    Step 1 – Adjustable Posts

    Firstly our GRP structurally sound posts are installed into the correct locations, using feet if necessary to secure into place.

    Step 2 – Ring Beam and Rafters

    Next the main GRP ring beam and roof structure are installed into position, creating a strong, robust framework.

    Step 3 – Load Bearing Outer Sheets

    Next our highly engineered, lightweight & load bearing outer sheets are installed, ensuring less roof bars and quicker installation.

    Step 4 – Roof Installation

    Next, a high-quality shingle or lightweight slate tile finish is applied. The lightweight roof is durable, weatherproof and most importantly quick to install.

    Step 5 – Cladding

    Lastly, a cladding colour of your choice is supplied to the underside of your roof and supporting posts.

    Step 6 – Lighting

    Optionally, lighting can also be supplied to your Leka Carport & Canopy with a variety of options at your disposal.

    Fast Installation

    In most circumstances, the Leka Carport & Canopy can be installed and completed in a day or two. No more heavy ground works, mess and weeks of build time.